just found the volkswagon song and someone sketching

I like the second song. I met the singer once.

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autumn dream

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a friday night

Here i sit drinking tea and musing.. on life and cycles on loneliness or not so much. Maybe i could stop by phipps tonight. Maybe i could clean. Life changes .. are changes comfortable? Im thinking on sketching and finding q jazz bar tomorrow.

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The magic mushroom

Hiking prior to birthday dinner. Isn’t it beautiful ?

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This Weekend

I’d like to have a fun and heart warming weekend. This weekend the pittsburgh cultural art trust are hosting two sketching performances that I will visit. The first is Harish saluja Progression. Its at 707 Penn Ave. She is a sketcher who makes intricate pieces of art out of simple ideas.

Secondly its another sketch fest! People in the house say YES! and It’s one that just requires me to sign up. The higher levels of functioning that require mass emailing I may not be as adepth at, unfortunately.  But here is the link.



Other random notes: I think I’ll cook beets carrots and potatos together tonight  for my vegetable medly.



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What a wild possibility it could be… A parrot in Pennsylvania or Kentucky. I’ve seen them rock out. I’ve heard them speak… Ladies and gentlemen here is my parrot partially drawn in Pa and Hi.

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The unplanned weekend.
Some weekends I just slowly begin to plan for it. This weekend was one of those laxadasical weekends. It involved long walks, long drives, some games, some found art. I’ll figure out how to repost that picture soon. New media requires new lessons on how to do the art.
I wonder if there are pictures commenerating the wonder of desserts. The finale of my weekend included a mango sweet rice dessert that melt in my mouth…. Shared with Amy. Followed by a call from Mr. M who told me about his.brownie.

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