A bad night

In a matter of 10 hours a friend of mine decided he no longer wanted to spend time with me, my former landlady and friend gave me a you owe me mucho dinero letter, and my iphone broke.  And the panic attacks started. You ask how is this related to art?

For those not in the know this is on top of the last 3.5 years starting a divorce, a stillbirth, and a new career.

so back to the art.

But if everything is art then it time to express this negative vibe.  I will admit that I was getting stuck until another friend said make the darker side of origami. I actually have a book called horrorgami. You know those beautiful red lips that people can make out of origami?

Well I made a pair with vampire teeth and I left a little poem inside it about how painful life can be. I then went to my local library to start this blog.

Anyone else outthere who has found a piece of art that helps them deal with a difficult moment?

I recommend researching Guernico by Picasso as yet another peice of art that is about the difficult understanding of life and the begining of WWII.


About janesartdream

I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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