My art dream

So a month and some change ago I started a free art box at Kiva Han in Oakland. The reason is this; I believe that I can help support a dream. I can take those art supplies that live in the darkest corners of my apartment and share them with the rest of the world who might not see the supply as taking too much time or maybe they might even use the orphan piece of media.

I dream of sharing art with other people. Whether it involves teaching the basics of drawing or just sharing some art time together. By art, I do not simply mean paper arts such as painting or drawing or origami. (I will quit there even though I’ve got other art styles on my mind). I also learned how to use chainmail and make it into jewelry at one of these shared art times.

The next part of my dream involves getting other people involved. I’d love to introduced people to introductory courses in acting, photography, writing, drumming, painting, drawing, origami. Believe it or not I have the friends who have said. I can do that.


So what I would like to dois get other people introduced to this :)) Feel free to join. Feel free to drop off art supplies at Kiva Han in the free art box. And please feel free to email me or message me pictures of what you do with that art. I’d like to give some of my time and dreams back to the world.


About janesartdream

I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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