The final toll of the bell

What do I write here? Todays morning focus was on “Idon’twanna” Sounding remarkably similiar to “Tijuana” . So that turned into a short story/dream where a woman meets a conductor and mumbles about “Idon’twanna…” and is sent to “Tijuana”. How bitter life can be in its darkness. But how the giggles and laughter of life bring back the memory of lightheartedness.

Today’s afternoon focus was on the dream of not harming friendships and saying I”m sorry and meaning exactly what I said to a friend.

This evenings focus is on getting food, making a how to sketch, sketch pad, and lotion for my poor sunburned back.


New discoveries: the Sapien seal. A special seal that is remarkably human that is found in the Boyce water poool that chases down students and leaves them in a fit of giggles. Absolutely amazing creature!


About janesartdream

I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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