Whoa Nelly it’s hot!!!!

And I could use that line to roam down different venues . Whether its the actual temperature and my ability to stay airconditioned while waiting for my car repairs. Or the number of wonderful people who are in shape and using the warm temperatures to show off their summery body; this summer is boiling.  This blog is not for that sort of exclamation. Instead whoa nelly is focused on the chance encounter with art.

 I love the gems at the carnegie musuems. There are translucient ones and  striped ones angled ones and blobs of minerals… And I’ve always have wanted to draw them. Its a practice to greet my emotional response of “I’m not that talented” with a healing response that just means I have a lot of room to grow. “But my pencils aren’t perfect!” My emotions might counter. And I smile and say “True today I have triangular crayons. It’s not about being happy. It’s not about being picasso. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about greeting the moment.

In that moment, I was wrapped up in the fact that the hematite looked like a cliff with craggily outgrowths of pine trees.  I drew it with pencils at first. Not completely happy with it, I roamed and found crayons.  Instead of returning quickly to it. I started to draw the malachite. Creamy greens with moments of dark green circles. It was nice.

The next moment, I asked myself but what else do I want to draw. And this 30 something year old is still obsessed with a ballerina twirling. So graceful, so free and so carefree no worries of car reppairs weighing her down. If it did she would cover for it well. And there goes that sketch…

and then back to the crystals…

 Picasso’s cubism reminds me of the repetitive nature of crystals . And although each of us humans is an individual we can lump our personalities with the best fit. I’m artistic, he’s linear, she’s business like. I want to draw people like the repetitiveness of our characteristics.

There are parts of my personality that I would like to change. I would like some drives to be lower and less harsh.  Aka I can draw without someone over my shoulder saying that’s not how its suppose to be. I can greet my messy nature with the ability to allow some control in the choas. And a return to a peaceful love. But I would also like to love these parts as an expression of who I am.

This world is not easy. In fact the process to make crystals take years.  Diamonds require an immense amount of pressure. I’m going through a major rehall of my life and my dreams. It’s difficult like getting things done on this hot summer day to stay focus. And I would like to draw my dreams as crystal. I’m scared so here is the ballerina being graceful and well poised. I am silly and here is the crystal of the pink flamingo. And it may be time to check in again with the free box across the street.  So until I’m back again.

Sunday is the tree festival in the east commons park. I might be there. I’m looking for a table and chair to sketch with people and discuss art possibilities.

Wednesday I teach a person to sketch!!! and the rest of the time next week boils down to work, repairs, divorces, bills, and life.


About janesartdream

I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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