What is creativity?

I can try to roll with the worse of punches. So when I heard wind of a creative writing group, and no one else showed up I decided to be a party of one. That was until another two people walked into the room. It was a reminder of what it meant to have someone tell you what creativity meant to them. They wanted nothing recycled or borrowed. Instead they wanted something grand like the basis of John Nashes game theory or Galileo’s theory of planets.

And I wondered what creativity for a day meant? What does it mean to walk into a local library and start to discuss creativity that may not be so truncated. What if fantasy could lead us into a different understanding a more accepting universe a breathing universe.

Although they may not have meant it to be like this, there definition of creativity felt like a black and white reality where truth at all costs was needed.  That creativity should not be tainted but rather pure synthetic.

Hope in a court room was left off at wishy washy. I was described as wonderful and then told how society was squishing me. I was stripped by society. And I half smile and think of my happy go lucky personality. I would rather dream and draw. I would like to build not live in a location where I am told that I am not honored enough.

I would like to live in a place where I see HOPE. Where I understand the consequences of hopeful behavior. I dream of making a community filled with artist. So I hope that if I leave a space open I will find other people with similiar dreams. If I give the gifts that have been given to me, those gifts can be accepted and experienced in a similiar place of hope and gratitude.

I don’t want to hold off because I deem humanity as a whole as unthankful unimaginative needy individuals that will take what they can get because they are too lazy to do it themselves. Rather those individuals who can not do for themselves are a sign of the pain of reality. The less then stellar moments that we all have shared at one point or another. This world is less then stellar but as an individual I can work towards learning and practicing love.

And for those people whom I give a hard time because I don’t understand love; it’s not personal. I am just learning. I may catch the wave on the other direction one day. But so far many of the artists that I have pitched my pie and the sky dream to have liked it. And offered their own art materials to the box of hope.


About janesartdream

I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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