I just can’t

Not really but I notice as I work with children at summer camps how much discipline it takes to create something. Whether its a waterbomb or a drawing, they will ask me to create it but when I ask them to try its like pulling teeth. I wonder if most of the blocks in humanity are similiar. I just can’t is a false protection from learning how to.

Can’t means that you may just do it wrong. That you may just need help until your wings unfurl. At some point the I can’t transforms into a I just did it with pink bows and it’s *AWESOME*. Said in that funny high pitch way.

Yes we can. Just take the time to learn and grow. Really when you are 5, 6, 30, 65, and 75 you still have time to choose what to do with it as long as you have a healthy pulse and a good airway and circulation 🙂

The day may be difficult and there may be more than a few stubbed toes along the way but dream, do , fail, and try again. If I’ve learned how to draw because it’s what gives me the warm fuzzies. So can you.


(I even drew a dark drawing after meeting a *dark* but wonderful artist today and we did a change. Just saying sometimes don’t feed the fish.)


About janesartdream

I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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1 Response to I just can’t

  1. “dream, do , fail, and try again.” – good words to live by. I haven’t been reminded in a long time what “I can’t” really means, thanks….I kinda needed it. I’ve been thinking of trying something but the thought of failure was holding me back. But after reading this I think..sure, I might fail..but, hey, like you said…try again.

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