Weird clowns.. I mean really weird.

Change in the air? Dreams are in the air like butterflies outside of my reach.


I sieze it and share it. I try to get my friends to go with the wave. Sometimes the wave looses you or one person wants to ride one more time and the other person is verging on dream overload. Stop and ask yourself. What is one day to be this dream. This wordless dream This rest of your life and live it for 5 minutes, if you have 5 more minutes then add on another five minutes. List the impossible dreams and tolerate the impossible exhileration of challenging your beliefs. You can do it.

*(and yes I am practicing it too.) I looked up Condo the artist today and he took clowns to weird iceberg locations and changed their faces and did oil paintings. I floated in a mass of other swimmers in a pool of waves. Watching children and watching kids get lost and found again. And I had a suprise dinner. Thankyou. A friends husband made dinner and gave me a serving as well. 

2 minutes left and counting. The question of how a person handles the whiff of possiblity and changed was asked and I guess I’ll ask it to all those who read this.. Do you have a dream that you want to follow and are you followign through with it?


About janesartdream

I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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