A few thoughts from moments passed

If I want to escape from this prison tell me where would I go to disengrate these bars.
It’s hopeless but exciting talking about freedom to the stars that are trapped in orbit.
I dream of anywhere but here but tell me where would I go to find a field full of possibilities.

Where a kiss is true and a touch reveals the soul. Tell me where did Cinderella go to find her fairygodmother?

Maybe Its in practice and inside myself. The prince sometimes is a little too human for comfort. And sometimes I fail to live up to my wisest expectation.

The strength is inside. The persistence inside as well.  the luck is in the endurance to continue. Come what may there will always be the idea of a nest to shelter from the storm. 


A golden snout projected from the door. I had to grab it and twist it. I patted it gingerly and apologized for this intrusion. Then silliness took over “hooooonk.” iminated from my lips as I squeezed the golden handle.
“what is she doing now?” stated an angry mob member also known  as a classmate .
“I think she is trying to open the door to go to the bathroom.” the comrade whispered loudly enough for the mob of five young children to hear. Turning my head to the mob I smiled largely and winked at the comrade. Best to keep them on their toes!!


About janesartdream

I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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