A snazzy skirt

 And a cookie monster. And a cat with one eye as its face. All random moments of creativity in the last twenty four hours. The skirt not being mine, rather a skirt that was patch worked  with gold stitching that left me with curiosity. Where did that come from? Is there a story of that skirt? 

   The owner of the skirt is heading back to Great Britian and has promised to read my blog for my comment on her skirt. This skirt is something inspired bought in a outdoor market in England as a gift.

Afterwards I stopped at my favorite coffee shop and dreamt over a glass of limeade.

   As a touch of something otherly. In my real life I’m confounded. I lost 20 hours of clinical work to be offered approxamaitely 40 hours in return. (Atleast for next week.) I can’t figure out what I’m looking for in a relationship. I’m afraid of typing the wrong words and did I mention that I’m working overtime? 

Yet I couldnt just leave it all at the coffeehouse.  I wanted to try again at being social with the city of Pittsburgh. I decided to go to the Map Room. A rather tastey bar in Regent Square Pittsburgh. I sat next to a young gentleman who talked about everything. EVERYTHING. He saw my drawing of the young werecookietheif. I hope to upload pictures soon.  Thought it was inspired and then asked me to cartoon a dolphin gone bad. This dolphin had sharp pointy teeth (Obviously surgically enhanced or genetically mutatated.) and more piercings then I’ve seen in a while. The gentleman looked at the photo and said I did too good of a job, but thought maybe make a Dr. Jeckyl to the Mr. Hyde dolphin.

I also witnessed a very cute interaction with a girl and a teddy bear. At first the girl spoke very clearly to the server about how much she liked the teddy bear, and she took a teddy bear from the bar area back to her seat. Then 10 minutes later after her parents told her she had to return the bear. She said goodbye to the bear and said she would see it again. When the waitress said ” That is nice I’ll see you again. Soon I hope.” The girl looked seriously at the waitress and said ” I was talking to the bear.”

So who am I talking to or with? What dreams do I believe in? I liked a rock climbing blog today. I was a few minutes early to work today. And again I dreamed of nurturing sleep even though I’ve got a bit of time before I get alot of sleep.

To my darling Twinkle toes and twinkling eyes.

Eyelids heavier every minute

You need to get some sleep tonight

Please pick up some star dust by and by

To make your dreams fly by.


On impossible lakes and illusions

You explore worlds of recreation.

My child go there and tell me what you see.


Is your school bus red?

Did you find sammy the dog?the llama? The parrot?

What do you see?

I see drawings and I see long hallways filled with reflections of you.

and Me constantly changing.


All translated after waking up too early. I was muttering fragments while walking to work this morning. Morning people make us tired folk look down right insane. He said a reasonable “Hi, How are you?” “I’m great, good morning” Followed by mutter mutter reallY? hey is this door locked?Mutter mutter. A mom answering the door in pajamas. Yep she too was fettered by the hour of the morning inspite of an early morning shift. I’m hoping she wasn’t late…


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I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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