The energizer batteries have turned negative

And they ooze out a white powdery substance. friends call and say “Hey the pink happy toy feels toxic.” And yet I keep working and trying. Life includes the ‘hopefully this doesn’t happen to you’. More than likely you will never feel a shark nibbble your toes. and more than likely you are not entirely energized by batteries. But if you own a car, there will probably be car repairs. If you have to follow rules and you are an anxious sort. You will be anxious.

 Nodes of electrodes reside in two areas in the heart. Truely you can stop a brain without stopping the heart due to this independent energy. Yet the heart of an electronic toy doesn’t beat independently. The soul of a toy only resides in children stories. I am a little tired today. 

I’m reaching out to the holies of holy. And I grasp at hope. There is darkness that sorrounds hope. Like a choir of homeless veterans that can really sing. There are people with amazing diction. There are people to share games with. Although a smile really hurts some days, there is this underlying hope of change.

Meltdowns happen. But so does rallies.


About janesartdream

I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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