All for the pencil sharpner and prismacolor

“You would be like heaven to touch/I want to hold you oh so much” As I look at my tin of colored pencils realizing that the 70 dollars worth of color are beyond my reach, my heart strings stir. I need a pencil sharpner and not just any sharpner one that is wider so that the soft leads of the pencil do not break.

Yesterday I made a trip not only was the art store closed but I missed the library time because I was trying to get the pencil sharpner at the closed art store. But today I allotted extra time. And as I walked out of the art stir with my long lost pencil sharpner, my heart was moved to repeat lyrics ” I love you baby, and if its quite all right I need you baby to warm my lonely heart. So let me love you…” I can’t wait to get back to my art project. If you are of the opinion of who in their right mind would spend that kind of money on colored pencils??? Let me tell you I hope that one day the soft smooth blending pencils may enchant you with their vivid colors and just the ease of use. Yes I’m crazy for my colored pencils that were on sale at the time that I bought them. :))


The art project: To draw hands of molten lava expressing the act of destruction and its relation to recreation. 


Not only that…

but I found someone interested in Pie in the Sky!!! Yes!

And ..

I shared my favorite victorian traveler, Mary Kingsley, with a young woman reading seriously dark literature. Ever since  i read about Mary’s fall into that dangerous pit in Africa and was saved by her voluptuous hoop skirt, I’ve been enchanted. Seriously wonderful woman.

I think it’s time to make a worksheet for Pie in the sky.

And schedule another sketching group!


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I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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