The lost library book

   A 30 year old still worried about lost library books is rather silly I must admit. But the book titled “Wild Dreams of a New Beginning “ wasn’t just a book. It was a metaphor to my life. I had lost my Wild Dreams. The gumption to stare down a 90 foot sheer cliff is important but the feeling of a broken heart after the loss of a husband and a child quells the adventuresome spirit. The strong desire for someone to fill up the lonely evenings making the blessed quietness of a solitary life stifling.  

  Yesterday I met someone, not in the traditional sense. I met a dreamer who was 20 years old who would prefer to spend time in a clubhouse then a bar. I should have told him about coffeehouses. No alcohol and lots of people just being for a moment whether its smoking, drawing, reading, writing. People go to coffeehouse to muse. He had an opionion about the world but his words painted the story. He reminded me of a young me once without all the baggage. Just listening to him made me smile.

   I don’t have his number or a way to get ahold of him but someone who prefers to dream to drink. It plays in my mind. Today I go to the 61 C to read the lost book “Wild dreams of a New Beginning”. I’ve have this books for many many months. I took it out with the pirate books. I want to remember and believe in wild new beginnings.  Believe in the how to draw book that I’m working on for kids. Just a musing really J Just a dream. What was your wildest dream?


About janesartdream

I love art! I love books! and I love chasing daydreams!!
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